Taming of the Shrew at Reagan!

Come see:


At the Reagan HS Auditorium

This Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30 and Sunday @ 3

Tickets are $5 and may be purchased at the door

PS. Dont leave at Intermission, yes Shakespear is long, but a lot of good stuff happens after...and plus it's rude...)
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black people caused global warming

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Say how about a discussion?

How does everyone feel about monologues? Some feel they are out of place in a play and take away from the authenticy of a play, while others feel they allow important parts of a story to come out. DISCUSS!

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                           REAGAN ACTING COMPANY PRESENTS:



Written By Quinn Walton, Directed by Alex Wood.


                                                       TWO INCHES PER YEAR.

                                            Written By Meg Cullip, Directed by Sarah Sowell


                                                                                 CRAWLING INTO THE BOTTLE.

                                                                   Written By Taylor Streitz , Directed by Emily Stamper.

                          PLEASE, PLEASE COME!!!!


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Does anyone ever get the feeling like they are constipated? I mean character-wise. Development, levels, relationships...grrr it is so frustrating!
I am doing a show I love, but I feel like I am bringing nothing to it. And I feel spoiled because I can't use emotional recall because I have never experienced someone dying. I think the fact that it is also a true story, makes me really feel like I HAVE to live up to something, because I am more or less mirroring a real person, and I am afraid to portray illy. I can't even cry on cue, which is nearly a necessary for this role. I mean, I am truly trying to give my all as this role, but man, I just don't think I am doing it. Its like wanting to scream only being able only to whisper. Its like I am almost scared of this role, and that is not good. Gah!

Help! Show opens next friday...sweet jeebus.
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black people caused global warming

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WANTED: intelligent people with an enjoyment of theatre.

WHY?: Because now is a great chance to catch the fantastic one act, Arthur Millers' All My Sons. This may be the final performance, so no more procrastinating! Don't let the window of opportunity close on you!

WHERE & WHEN: St. Phillips, at 4 p.m. MAKE SURE you get there early! Bring money for snacks.



All My Sons by Arthur Miller
UIL One Act Play Competition Piece and
Senior Theatre Student Performances

Ronald Reagan High School Theatre Department presents its sixth production of the season with a special two act performance. The first act will consist of a brief performance by each of our graduating senior students followed by the presentation of our 2005 UIL High School One Act Play Competition Piece, scenes from All My Sons by Arthur Miller. This special performance will be presented on two nights only -- April 14 and 15, 2005 in the Ronald Reagan Auditorium.

Okay..just copied this from the school site, I hope I don't go to like internet hell...PLEASE COME.

All My Sons by Arthur Miller

2005 UIL High School One Act Play Competition Piece
and Senior Performances

April 14 and 15, 2005 in the Reagan Auditorium. Showtimes are 7:30 PM. Tickets are $5.00 general admission, $8.00 reserved.




Presented by Reagan High School, at the San Antonio Area UIL One-Act Play competition.

SATURDAY 4-9-05 at 4.00 p.m. (get there by 3.45)

St. Phillips College. Mapquest it. I have no idea where it is .Haha.

Other Competiting schools (in not Particular Order..) Corpus Chrisit King ( In the Hands of its Enemy), Chorpus Christi Ray ( The American Clock), Clemens (The Taming of the Shrew), Andddd Mac Arthur ( In the Hands of it's Enemy).

GREAT SHOWS. GREAT FUN. Only $5 ( I think this is when they start charging...sorry)

Please come and support your local casts! Much Love.


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                                                 UIL ONE-ACT PLAY DISTRICTS

                                       Saturday, April 2nd, 2005. James Madison High School.

4:00p.m.- Madison High School- Hedda Gabbler

5:00p.m.- Reagan High School- All My Sons

6:00p.m.- Roosevelt High School- The Beggars Opera

7:00p.m.- MacArthur High School- The Hands of it's Enemy

It's best to show up 15 minutes before the show starts. If you get there after the show starts, you will not be let in. IT'S FREE! IT'S FUN! So PPLLLEEEAAAASEEE come!

Break a Leg everyone!!!!! See ya tommorow!

-Rosa..and the rest of the AMS cast.

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Hey HEY HEY its Dom Dizzle 3000!

ok ok its Anthony From judson high school. Just wanted to announce the Zone Competitions this coming week.

Judson along with Churchill MacAruthur and Madison will be competiting this Thursday starting at 5:00pm. Admission is free and i hope everyone is there to show their support for the arts. And if you really want me to love you i suggest you show up at 7:45pm at Madison High School(O'connor Rd.) to see Judsons Performance of

Noises Off

at 8:00pm.

ok thats all. hollar back younginns.