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Does anyone ever get the feeling like they are constipated? I mean character-wise. Development, levels, relationships...grrr it is so frustrating!
I am doing a show I love, but I feel like I am bringing nothing to it. And I feel spoiled because I can't use emotional recall because I have never experienced someone dying. I think the fact that it is also a true story, makes me really feel like I HAVE to live up to something, because I am more or less mirroring a real person, and I am afraid to portray illy. I can't even cry on cue, which is nearly a necessary for this role. I mean, I am truly trying to give my all as this role, but man, I just don't think I am doing it. Its like wanting to scream only being able only to whisper. Its like I am almost scared of this role, and that is not good. Gah!

Help! Show opens next friday...sweet jeebus.
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