Howdy doo. Yeah, so I started this damned community, but never even bother to write anything myself. Hardy har har. But oh well, I will do so right NOW.

I have an audition for the theatre school at Boston University on February 26th. If I do not get into BU or Northwestern (I'm expecting not to get in already) I'm thinking about going to Italy for a year and then trying again. Anyway, I am required to have two, two-minute, monolouges prepared, one shakespeare, and one contemporary. I suppose I am going to do one comedy and one drama... any suggestions?

As for MAC drama news(and I know you care), we just finished our performances of Music Man last week, (I suppose if I was a good person I should have advertised the show on this thing prior to the performance, but alas, I suck) it was our first musical in about 10 years and went pretty damn well, sold out our auditorium twice. Unfortunately, since our auditorium sits on top of our cafeteria, we don't have an orchestra pit so we tore out the first five rows of seats and had the orchestra sit in chairs, isolated only by some yellow caution tape. Ghetto. The bass players were intruding on some much desired visual space.
We had a bunch of seven-year olds running around all the time and the little bastard that played Winthrop would always steal my hat and jump on my neck right before an entrance. The kid didn't even have red hair... We also had a real pony bring in the Wells Fargo Wagon, we went through a lot of trouble to build "Bullet" a ramp and all of this, was it worth it? I dunno, it's a pony. I was scared it was going to crap the stage the whole time.
I played Marcellus Washburn, whoopity shipoopi doo. Reagan, I'm pretty sure we had the exact same costumes as when you folk performed it last year.

Now we are about to start diving into one-act crud, we are doing "In the Hands of its Enemy" some of us have to learn sign language for it. What's everybody else doing?
Also, I am curious as to what everybody is doing in their actual theatre classes... last semester, we practically did nothing in our class, we put together a production of Oedipus Rex in about 4 days and we did a lot of cleaning... but this semester, we are starting a crash course of the Meisner method where we have to do "repetition" and "knock at the door" exercises.

What was that TETA thing all about? I saw some very sexy pictures.

Enough. Buona notte.

Not an advertisement, i swearpromisecrossmyheart

I don't know how any other theatre programs do this, but I just have a question; comments are welcome and encouraged.

When someone is cast as an understudy, are they usually given a specific role to understudy for? If not, what exactly are their responsibilities? And also, in either case, are understudies usually expected to have all of their lines memorized, even if they aren't given a specific role [i.e. girl understudies memorize any female role's lines, and vice versa]?

This may perhaps resolve some conflict of opinion, any input will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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the purpose of this commuinity

I would just like to remind everyone that this is a theatre group. It was made for that reason. To discuss theatre, acting, plays, expierences etc. Therefore that is what it should be used for. I just have to say that I am a little peeved that this has recently been used as a billboard of sorts to advertise other commuinities, and I really don't appreciate that. I know I personally don't like my friends page full of an ad asking me if I think I am hardcore prep enough. I think if anyone is that concerned they can look it up themselves on their own time in separate commuinities. But this is a THEATRE commuinity, therefore post posts relevant to that. It seems that the person that has been posting hasn't posted anything but zed ads, and isn't even from the San Antonio area, so if you aren't going to post worthwhile posts about theatre, I would appreciate you leaving the commuinity, stop advertising, and/or actually post. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, I hope I'm not alone, it just bugs me a bit. Thanks.



Last performance of Romeo and Juliet:

Saturday, November 20
7:30 pm
Magik Theatre

Please come out and see it... it's a great production regardless of your personal opinion on Shakespeare. Even if I don't know who the hell you are, you should still come see it. We want to pack the house on closing night. Mike- you and Amelia better be there. It would make my week. Oh, and make reservations. We had over 100-ish reservations on Monday. 210.227.2751

come if thou be a man (or woman, if the case so stands)

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Judson High School Proudly Presents
By David Crane, Seth Friedman, Martin Kauffman

November 18th and 19th
JUDSON PAC recital hall

tickets $3

come support your friends and fellow Actors

help requested...

For those of you who have seen NESA's programs... we don't do bios. For Romeo & Juliet, though, I have to write a bio and I have never written one before. What is the protocal/outline most of you have encountered for writing one?

does size really matter?

Do you perfer big casts or smaller? I just finished with MoV with 47+ people in the cast, it was the largest cast I've ever been in and I hated it. It just seemed that it was too much, there was always new trivial gossip going around, more drama, more cliques. I love smaller casts. It seems that work can be done more efficently and amount to more, and you become a lot closer to eachother. Half of the ppl in MoV(esp. freshman) did nothing but complain about how much they didn't want to be there. It drove me nuts. I just saw H2$ at NESA and that cast was HUGE but it seemed like everyone got along pretty well, I think that may be because M.T. students are there because they want to be and are a lot more commited than some of the non theatre kids at Reagan. But maybe I'm wrong. So let me know. Smaller casts or larger?

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NESA's How To Succeed in Business was soooooooo good! Great job, you guys! I didn't care for the lead much, but everybody else was fantastic, especially Leonard. You have restored my faith in high school musical theater. Groundhogs! How many times does JB say "what the hell is/was that?" in the play?

Character Choices

Do you think that classic characters must be played a specific way every time they're performed (ie- Hamlet, James Tyrone, John Proctor, Blanche DuBois, etc.), or that an actor/actress can take liberties with those kinds of parts just as they would with a brand new part?

This comes through my mind as I prepare Juliet. I am making choices that are not stereotypical "Juliet" and I was wondering if the acting public thought that wrong or disrespectful in any way. I plan on taking those risks no matter what, but I just was curious.